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The Cold Lake Sailing Association(CLSA) is the product of a small group of dedicated sailors who bravely challenged the waters of Cold Lake long before a marina or any lakeshore services existed. The perseverance of these few sailors, and others who came after them throughout some twenty years, evolved into the sailing association we are so proud of today.


To experience the pleasure and challenges of the waters of Cold Lake while learning and honing the skills involved in the recreational sport of sailing;

To promote sailing through community involvement and participation in water events such as weekly club racing and seasonal regattas, consistent with the interests and available resources of our membership;

To encourage an active race program to develop skills and maintain competency;

To actively encourage membership in our society, of sailboat owners, persons wishing to crew on sailboats, and persons interested in the sport of sailing;

To encourage the development of a sustainable junior sailing program consistent with available resources.

We look forward to using this site to communicate with the sailing community local to the Cold Lake area. At the same time we are hopeful that the site will attract sailors of all skill levels to enjoy the hidden gem that is Cold Lake, Alberta.

A well appointed marina and enthusiastic sailing community are here to welcome all visitors; we look forward to showing everyone theĀ benefitsĀ of the large deep lake and surrounding area.

This site is a place to share the Cold Lake sailing experience!

Once again, WELCOME!

Andy Minty

2 thoughts on “About CLSA

  1. Hello,
    I’m very interested in taking sailing lessons. I have no prior sailing experience except enjoying sailing with my parents, who are members at the Edmonton Yacht Club in Seba Beach/Wabamum Lake. Does the sailing association provide beginner sailing lessons?
    Please let me know! Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Madeleine, sailing lessons are not available through our association but we welcome anyone who wishes to crew on a sailboat during our weekly Wednesday night races from June through September. I think through the direction of experienced skippers, you would learn the basics of sailing and racing sailboats. The Cold Lake sailboat fleet consists of large deep keel sailboats to crew on. For more information email me at coldlakesailing@gmail.com. Andy, Commodore CLSA.

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