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Thar be some crazy sailors out there …

Imagine pushing your boat beyond it’s physical limits and then trying control what is going on. The Volvo Ocean race takes sailing to that level. Sometimes there may be no wind and they bob just like we do, then other times the forces of nature seem intent on testing the limits of both man and material.

Here are a couple of links of these teams and boats being tested;

Youtube video showing the RAW POWER, the THRILL OF THE CHASE, and then finally here is the complete Volvo Ocean Race Channel

It’s 2015 and the Volvo Ocean Race is on again … Another day at the Office


A reporter attended a Wednesday night race and then posted this Race Night Video.


Planning some time on the Cold Lake? Click the weather link to check out current conditions and short term forecasts for the area.


Are those clouds on the horizon coming or going? Is there something out there that you can’t even see yet? This radar link will show you what’s brewing.


Here is another way to add excitement to sailing; Hugo Boss Keel Walking

Not wanting rest on his laurels, walking a mast instead of a plank:  Mast Walk by Alex Thomson