2015 September Spirit

2015 September Spirit_September Spirit_Morning

Ice Breaker Regatta


Past Winners are:   

  • 2004, Ricochet, Rob Mitchell, Al Edwards, Jerry Smith
  • 2005, Asylum II, Bruce Lockhart, Mick Ellenwood
  • 2006, Bite Me, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich
  • 2007, Bite Me, Mike & Joyce Foreman, Charles Ehrich, Chris Gauthier
  • 2008, Bite Me, Mike Foreman, Charles Ehrich, Chris Gauthier                   
  • 2009, Bite Me, Mike & Joyce Foreman, Charles Ehrich, Chris Gauthier, Theo Webber          
  • 2010, Tantramar, Stig Lorentsen, Blair Taylor
  • 2011, Bite Me, Mike & Joyce Foreman, Charles Ehrich, Phil Creteau
  • 2012, Stephan-E, Mark Godel, Steve Marsden
  • 2013, Bite Me, Mike & Joyce Foreman, Charles Ehrich
  • 2014, Ragnar Daneskyold, Steve Marsden and crew
  • 2015, Latitude, Jason Towle, Tom Lacquement, Scott Gabriel, Kyle Seleski

The first regatta of the 2015 racing season presented an interesting race day, the morning race was wild and not for the faint of heart, large waves and high winds with only four boats participating. For the afternoon race, once everyone’s stomachs had time to settle, three boats competed but the sailing was much more enjoyable, a great way to get back into to the variable wind conditions of Cold Lake!


2015 Ice Breaker_Ice Breaker_Morning and Afternoon

2014 Ice Breaker Regatta Results


Cold Lake Sailing Club Ice Breaker 2013 Ice Breaker Afternoon Race and Overall

Cold Lake Sailing Club Ice Breaker 2013 Morning Race


Thank you to all who participated.It was a great day on the water!


Charlie Callaghan Regatta

From it’s inception the Cold Lake Sailing Club had the benefit, for almost ten years, of service and dedication from Charlie Callaghan, committee boat operator. A man of infinite patience with a great sense of humor, Charlie was a fixture in our club, providing accurate timings and race starts throughout the seasons.Tragically, in January 2000, Charlie Callaghan, retired RCAF service member and civil servant, passed away. He left a tremendous hole within the local sailing group, not only for his dedication to the committee boat and race coordination, but also for the friendship and great enthusiasm he brought to the members.

To commemorate Charlie, the Cold Lake Sailing Club instituted a yearly Memorial Regatta. In 2002 it was decided that the regatta would be a pursuit race. In a departure from the traditional mass starts, a pursuit race features a staggered start, in accordance with individual boat handicaps. The slower boats start the race first, with the faster, racer boats in pursuit. In theory, all boats will cross the finish line at the same time.

In a fitting nod to Charlie the race does not require a timekeeper!

Charlie Callaghan 2015 Results

2015 Charlie Calaghan_Charle Calaghan_Combined Morning and Afternoon

1st Place Enchantress, skipper Blair Taylor

2nd Place Latitude, skipper Jason Towle

3rd Place Ragnar Danneskjold, skipper Steve Marsden


Charlie Callaghan 2014 results

1st Place Bite Me, skipper Mike Foreman

2nd Place Enchantress, skipper Blair Taylor

3rd Place Ragnar Danneskjold, skipper Steve Marsden

Charlie Callaghan 2013

Charlie Callaghan Pursuit Regatta

2015 Endurance Challenge 2015

2015 Endurance Challenge_Hornet_Overall updated Sept. 6th

2015 Endurance Challenge_T Bird_Overall updated Sept. 6th


Endurance Challenge 2014

Prairie Endurance Challenge Thunderbird (Cruiser)_Overall Updated August 28th

Prairie Endurance Challenge Hornet (Racer)_Overall Updated August 28th


Endurance Challenge 2013

Endurance Challenge 2013 Hornet

Endurance Challenge 2013 T-Bird

Endurance Challenge 2012

Course Routing 2012

Course Routing 2012

Plan B 2012

T Bird Class 2012

Endurance Challenge 2012

_Hornet_Overall 2012