Summer Race Series

This what we race for: Racer Class Trophy, originally carved by a member named, Nick Partridge

Past winners are:

  • 1993, Randy Moir
  • 1994, Randy Moir, Gord Bell
  • 1995, Brian Fraser, Gord Bell, Randy Moir
  • 1996, Bruce Lockhart, Lorne Yochim
  • 1997, Bruce Lockhart, Lorne Yochim
  • 1998, Nick Partridge, Geoff, Haszard
  • 1999, Bruce Lockhart, Bev Webber, Mark Haugen
  • 2000, Al Edwards, Gerry Sibbick, Bill O’Gorman, Amanda O’Gorman
  • 2001, Bruce Lockhart, Gord Bell, Travis Walters
  • 2002, Al Edwards, Gerry Sibbick, Russell Farrow, Jeff Knight
  • 2003, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich
  • 2004, Rob Mitchell, Genviere Mitchell
  • 2005, Russ Farrow, Jeff Knight, Andreas Wessler
  • 2006, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich, Christian Gauthier
  • 2007, Bite Me, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich, Christian Gauthier
  • 2008, Bite Me, Mike Foreman, Theo Webber, Red Ehrich, Christian Gauthier
  • 2009, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich
  • 2010, Bite Me, Mike Foreman
  • 2012, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich, Tung Sui
  • 2013, Bite Me, Mike Foreman, Joyce Foreman, Red Ehrich
  • 2014, Steve Marsden Ragnar Danneskjold
  • 2015  Blair Taylor, Enchantress

Cruiser Class Trophy, Known as the “Ellenwood Memorial” This is after a lost friend . Mick Ellenwood

Past Winners:

  • 1998 Jim Barraclough
  • 1999 Brian Fraser
  • 2000 Lorin Lochim
  • 2001 Mick Ellenwood
  • 2002 Sue Ellenwood
  • 2003 Al Edwards
  • 2004 Sue Ellenwood
  • 2005 Bruce Lockhart
  • 2006 Geoff Miedema
  • 2007 Steve Marsden
  • 2008 Stig Lorentzen
  • 2009 Steve Marsden
  • 2010 Jim Belliveau, Seeforelle
  • 2012 Andy Minty, Patricia
  • 2013 Andy Minty, Patricia
  • 2014 Andy Minty, Patricia
  • 2015 Jason Towle, Latitude


Every Wednesday; weather permitting, members, enthusiasts, and curious bystanders alike are invited to compete in a timed race to complete a predetermined course.

Times are recorded by the skippers of each participating boat and then forwarded to our score keeper.

There are two classes of boats, and times are adjusted using a formal handicapping system.

2015 Summer Series

2015 Summer Series Cruiser Overall Updated Sept. 14th

2015 Summer Series Racer Overall Updated Sept. 14th




2014 Summer Series

2014 Summer Series #1_Cruiser_September 10 Updated Sept 13

2014 Summer Series #1_Racer_September 10 Updated Sept 13




Cold Lake Sailing Club Summer Series 2013_Cruiser Updated October 19/13

Cold Lake Sailing Club Summer Series 2013_Racer_Updated October 19/13

2013 Sumer Series Final Results

Summer Series 2012_Racer

Summer Series 2012_Cruiser

Summer 2012 Series Results

4 thoughts on “Summer Race Series

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  2. I may be working in cold lake Aug 19-24. If I do, I would like to catch a ride with someone on Wed night. I have several boats (SJ21, Martin 242, Santana 23R, Beneteau 36.7) and race weekly here in Calgary and Sylvan Lake. Also on the West Coast. I have raced On Bite Me when it was at Sylvan Lk. Please let me know if this is possible and then I can confirm when I know for sure the dates.

    Jamie Parkin

  3. I am interested in sailing and am eager to learn. I have a lot of experience on the water but not in a sailboat. Eventually would like to skipper.

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